Meet the Instructor

Meet the Instructor

Mr. Matt Morin is the instructor for the Digital Media program at the Current River Career Center. The program is also known online by its broadcasting nickname, Current River Broadcasting. He is married to Jennifer (Nowak) Morin and has two children.

Mr. Morin grew up in Madawaska, Maine, one of the four corners of the United States. The youngest of six kids from a French-Canadian family, he was actually born in Canada because it was the closest hospital to his hometown. His father was the print shop manager of the local newspaper for more than 30 years and from an early age, journalism interested him and writing became a favorite past time.

As a Senior in high school, he took the TV broadcasting class known as WOWL (the Owl was the school mascot) and it quickly became clear to him that this is what he wanted to do. "I soaked up everything in the class and I don't think my teacher (Mr. Pennington) realizes to this day how much of an influence he had on me and why I am where I am now."

After high school, Mr. Morin went to college at Lyndon State College in Vermont, which was recently named as one of the top journalism programs in the country along with Mizzou. During the summer breaks, he worked at WAGM, the small TV station near his hometown as a morning co-producer and videographer. The next 10 years after college were spent as a producer and assignment editor at WPTZ, the NBC affiliate in Plattsburgh, NY and Burlington, VT.

Shortly after the birth of their daughter, the Morin's decided they wanted to be closer to family and moved to Jennifer's hometown in 2007. Mr. Morin is a reserve dispatcher at the Doniphan Police Department and enjoys traveling, cooking, music, and sports.

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