Criminal Justice

Two Year Program
3 credits:  Junior and Senior
*Upon the 2 year completion of this course students will earn 1 science credit.

This program is intended to be a general introduction to the American Criminal Justice System with emphasis on law enforcement.  Students will explore U.S. Constitution Law and the Missouri Criminal Code.  Some of the skills and knowledge of the general duties performed by law enforcement officials will be presented by officers from a variety of local law enforcement agencies adding their knowledge and experience with lectures and demonstrations throughout the program. Students will participate in lab activities related to each area of study. Students will have the opportunity to learn about patrol procedures, basic first aid, professional ethics, crime scene investigation, evidence procedure, defensive tactics and handcuffing as well as accident investigation.

The Criminal Justice Course will prepare you for a career in law enforcement.  During the course of the class you will learn to:

  • Write crime reports
  • Prepare warrants
  • Handcuff techniques
  • Process crime scenes
  • Execute building searches
  • Many more police procedures
  • Use official police equipment